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JME World Consultants aims to bridge the gap between project criteria, client expectations, and environmental considerations while seamlessly integrating the structural concepts throughout design and delivery.

Jessica Manness, B.Sc., P.Eng

Jessica Manness, B.Sc., P.Eng
Jessica Manness, B.Sc., P.Eng

Jessica Manness, B.Sc., P.Eng is the principal and founder of JME World Consultants and Green World Energy. Ms. Manness was visionary in creating a Manitoba engineering company that focused on sustainability first. All of the designs produced by JME consider the social, economic, and environmental elements of the end product, making the designs robust, enduring, and cost effective.

Through the study and implementation of engineering works in Canada, the US, the Middle East, and Europe, Ms. Manness has observed and developed techniques that promotes environmental consciousness through all stages of a project including conceptualization, design, construction, maintenance, and decommissioning processes. Ms. Manness has developed a company with competencies to build highly technical solutions and convey deliverables to all stakeholders.

As the technical delegate for complex multi‐million dollar problems, Ms. Manness has enabled solutions that avert legal law suits and provide opportunities for the individuals, communities, and towns involved. As a facilitator in many cases, Ms. Manness has developed local training programs, created sustainable COR‐certified heavy construction companies, implemented work programs, and devises budgetary plans to ensure the success of community‐based endeavours.

As a project engineer, Ms. Manness has managed all elements of engineering from concept development, to design, to construction, to post-construction maintenance programs for works such as roads, bridges, foundations, stabilizations, river and surface water routing, habitat restoration, stormwater management systems, underground drainage systems, municipal water supply and distribution, municipal wastewater management.

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We have all tools and technologies that are required to complete the job. This includes access to all-terrain vehicles, boats, drone and GPS survey equipment, survey logs, and all computer hardware and software to prepare the technical reports, draft CAD designs, and present GIS-based mapping. Our mandate is simple: to create enduring value for our clients by maximizing project benefits downstream for the end users. Our ability to recognize opportunities enables our clients to capitalize on highly effective solutions with a clear understanding of the cost-benefit implications.

Our Previous Work

These are pictures from some of the jobs JME World Consultants has worked on. Jessica Manness Engineering, Inc. offers consultation in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with the head office located in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, in southern Manitoba.

Why You Should Hire Us

Jessica Manness Engineering, Inc. was formed in 2013 to provide specialized engineering services in the realm of civil, municipal, and hydraulic engineering. With the increasing severity and frequency of weather related catastrophe in Manitoba, both private and government sectors are seeking assistance in protection, mitigation, and emergency response in relation to civil and municipal infrastructure damage.




Our Specialities

We specialize in the following areas and love what we do. JME World Consultants firm’s boutique service aims to balance project criteria with client expectations while seamlessly integrating the structural concept throughout design and delivery.

Water Resources

Provide innovative water solutions including delivery and removal.


Solutions for providing riverbank and lake front land stabilization technologies.

Civil Engineering

Design & construction services for buildings, roads, bridges and more.


Design and construction of self sustaining structures & buildings.


Land and water management solutions for agriculture farms.