What is environmental sustainability?

Environmental sustainability is a commitment to making responsible choices that minimizes environmental impacts. It is a harmonious melding of the ecosystem, social, economic, recreational and transportation objectives of a geographical area. That is, sustainability is making choices today to ensure that future generations inherit an equal environmental value. Sustainable business development should serve to demonstrate environmental protection strategies while still allowing for continued improvements to the quality of life both in the present and future.


It is recognized that current practices are causing global impacts such as climate change and a reduction of natural resources. Statistics show that continued waste production and consumption of natural resources cannot be sustained by the earth. Most importantly, global responsibility starts with local commitment. It is critical that business development meet the public demand for increasing sustainability and conservation to safeguard their long term relevance.

At JME World Consultants, we know that profitability is critical for companies!

Selective implementation and marketing of your unique sustainable initiatives in a climate of environmental commitment will lead to the highest level of business success!

How do I apply environmental sustainability to my business development?

Environmental sustainability is a commitment to the social and physical elements when making decisions related to the infrastructure, structures, and furniture within a plan. Moving forward, communities and business are encouraged to develop sustainably. This is called sustainable development. 

Defining assets, setting goals, developing policies, sharing information, and fostering action are all critical components of strengthening the environmental sustainability of a business and community. Sustainability can be achieved through consultation, awareness, acceptance, planning, and participation.

Sustainable development has been defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (The Brundtland Commission, 1987). 

How will sustainability in my business contribute to future sustainability?

A business founded on sustainability concepts considers alternative solutions during all phases of development, operation, and production. In development, this includes integration of alternative energy heat and electric systems for structures, building with recycled materials, and installing low-resource- consumption fixtures. In operations, this means implementing energy saving strategies such as work- from-home days, video conferencing, and paperless file storage. In production, sustainable solutions include design and deliverables that are manufactured of materials and with technologies that minimize the environmental impact.

A sustainable business aims for a zero net impact business model, and can be designed to reduce the environmental impact of a region through waste management streams and environmental stewardship. The sustainable business has present and future goals which include products and infrastructure to safeguard the success of the business while protecting the natural resources and living ecosystems upon which they rely. These strategies include thoughtful planning in regards to energy sources, water management, and ecological processes. Consideration of natural process and environmental protection will allow for continued development and growth while ensuring long term availability of resources for future generations.

There are increasing methods of fostering the integration of infrastructure, operations, and production into the natural ecosystem. These methodologies include management and recycling of water, stormwater management practices, both passive and active capture of free energy sources, landscaping integration, and creative engineered building designs. Innovative thinking and green minded business design will aid in reducing the ecological footprint.

Where do we start?

If you are reading this document, you are already on the right track! Upon committing to sustainable development for your business, it is important to define the professional team who can realize your objectives and create sustainably. JME World Consultants brings together experts in fields of development, municipal engineering, environmental stewardship, and business marketing.

JME World Consultants is committed to sustainable development.

Through years of innovative thinking, creative development initiatives, and applying proactive measures, we have developed the tools to educate, mitigate, and plan for the future generations. Our network of potential collaborators extends far beyond local resources as we tap into ideas and innovations locally and internationally. These connections allow us to continually seek out the newest concepts and approaches to sustainable design. Our designs incorporate solutions such as: 

  • Stormwater capture, treatment, and re-use
  • Creating low maintenance green spaces
  • Creative building design and energy capture systems
  • Application and design of green heating and cooling systems
  • Green roof designs
  • Strategies for water conservation, filtration, and re-use
  • Harmonizing the development of industry, businesses, and residences Supporting and promoting biodiversity
  • Nearly zero energy buildings and renovations 

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